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2006 Annual Meeting, hosted  by UCSD at the Estancia La Jolla Learning Retreat, La Jolla, CA

Left to right: Front Row: Bennet Murdock, Norman Anderson, Diana Deutsch, Michael Kubovy, Carolyn Rovee-Collier, George Collier, Dominic Massaro, Karl Pribram, Linda Smith, Sam Glucksberg, Norma Graham, John Staddon. Second Row: Robert Galambos, Douglas Hintzman, Duncan Luce, Stuart Anstis, Shepard Siegel, James Townsend, Thomas Wallsten, Herbert Terrace, Gregory Lockhead, Don Macleod, Tony Deutsch. Third Row: Gregory Ashby, Ben Williams, John Wixted, Jerome Busemeyer, Harold Pashler, Joseph Steinmetz, Zong-Lin Lu, Michael Turvey, Karen de Valois, Barbara Dosher, John Kihlstrom. Back Row: Randy Gallistel, Peter Killeen, Robert Goldstone, Mark Steyvers, Richard Shiffrin, David Huber.

Here is the basic information for the SEP 2006 meeting. All conference events will take place at the, Estancia La Jolla Learning Retreat, which is situated on the outskirts of UCSD. The address is:

Estancia La Jolla
9700 N. Torrey Pines Road
La Jolla, CA 92037

The meeting dates are: THURSDAY, MARCH 23 THROUGH SUNDAY MARCH 26. Papers are planned throughout Friday and Saturday. There will be receptions on Thursday and Friday evenings. The annual banquet will be held on Saturday evening. On Sunday, tours will be arranged to local places of interest.



The registration fee is $90.00. Due to a generous contribution from the UCSD Department of Psychology, this registration fee will cover less than half the actual cost of attending the meeting. This includes, for both Friday and Saturday, a deluxe breakfast buffet, continuous morning and afternoon refreshment breaks, a hot lunch buffet, receptions on Thursday and Friday evenings, audio-visual equipment, and other associated expenses. The fee for attending the banquet, for both registrants and for companions, will be $40 per person, with UCSD again providing more than half the actual cost.

To register, please make out a check to UC Regents. If you plan to attend the banquet, a single check that covers both registration and banquet would be easiest for us, though separate checks for registration and banquet would be fine also. Please send the checks to:

Marla Nichols
Department of Psychology
University of California, San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive, #0109
La Jolla, CA 92093-0109


A block of 40 rooms has been reserved with the guaranteed special rate, for both single and double occupancy, of $199.00 per night. Participants are asked to contact the Estancia directly to make reservations, by telephoning 877-437-8262. Please identify yourselves as described in my broadcast email. The block of rooms will be held until January 23, 2006, so please make reservations as soon as is convenient. After this date, reservation requests will be accepted on a space-available basis at the hotel's best available rate.

In case you would like to extend your stay in La Jolla (see below for places to visit), the group rates will be honored for attendees three days before group arrival and three days after group departure, subject to availability.


The Estancia is roughly a 20-minute drive from the San Diego International Airport, and one can easily take a cab or rent a car at the airport. Visitors staying at the Estancia have access to a free shuttle 6 am-10 am, and 4 pm-7 pm, daily, on a first-come first-served basis, to a destination of their choice within a 5 mile radius of the Estancia. The hotel will also arrange (with charge) for transportation outside this time range or mile parameter.


A. Very close.

From the Estancia, one can walk to the Torrey Pines Gliderport and watch both experts and novices attempt to take off and land on the cliffs above the ocean. Adjacent to the Gliderport is the scenic Torrey Pines Golf Course, considered one of the nation's foremost municipal golf facilities. Further beyond lies the Torrey Pines State Reserve, which has beautiful ocean vistas, and should provide a spectacular display of wildflowers in March. From there one can hike down to the Torrey Pines State Beach.

B. 5-15 minutes' drive away.

Scripps Birch Aquarium, with its extraordinary collection of marine life, is about a 5-minute drive from the hotel. La Jolla Shores Beach is situated about a 10-minute drive away. La Jolla Cove is particularly scenic, with tide pools, caves, and many grassy areas. It is about a 15-minute drive away from the Estancia, and abuts downtown La Jolla.

C. Whole-day trips.

Balboa Park features many museums, performing arts groups, botanical gardens, and hiking trails. It houses the San Diego Zoo, which alone is easily worth a one-day trip. Sea World houses an extensive collection of marine life. Old Town San Diego provides visitors with a sense of San Diego's historical roots in an attractive setting.

We look forward to welcoming you to SEP 2006.

Diana Deutsch
Chair, Society of Experimental Psychologists 

Meeting agenda...April 5, 2006 final version

103rd Annual Meeting

University of California, San Diego

March 23-26, 2006

Chair: Diana Deutsch

Board Members

Shepard Siegel, David Meyer

Secretary/Treasurer: Michael Kubovy

Webmaster: James Pomerantz

Local Committee

Diana Deutsch, John Wixted, Trevor Henthorn, Marla Nichols,

Norman Anderson, Don MacLeod, Harold Pashler, Ben Williams


Society of Experimental Psychologists

103rd Annual Meeting

University of California, San Diego

March 23-26, 2006


Thursday, March 23

6.00 - 8.00 pm Reception (La Jolla Ballroom A)

7.00 – 10.00 pm A-V Setup and Rehearsal (Pacifica Ballroom A)

Friday, March 24

7.00 – 8.50 Breakfast Buffet (Grande Room)

8.50 – 12.10 Papers Session (Pacifica Ballroom A)

8.50 Diana Deutsch; John Wixted, University of California, San Diego

Welcoming Remarks

9.00 Peter Killeen, Arizona State University

A Decision Theory for Scientific Inference

9.20 Linda Smith, Indiana University

Learning to Recognize Objects

9.40 John Staddon, Duke University

Timing and Choice

10.00 Robert Galambos, University of California, San Diego

A New Look at the Visual System

10.20 – 10.50 Coffee Break


10.50 Norman H. Anderson, University of California, San Diego

Unified Theory Based on Psychological Laws

11.10 Ami Eidels & James T. Townsend, Indiana University, & James R.

Pomerantz, Rice University

Systems Factorial Technology Analysis of Pomerantz’s Configural Figures:

Where Topology Beats Redundancy

11.30 Bennet Murdock, University of Toronto

The Mirror Effect and the Spacing Effect.

11.50 Zhong-Lin Lu, University of Southern California, & Barbara Anne

Dosher, University of California, Irvine

Characterizing Observers States using External Noise and Observer Models

12.10 – 2.00. Lunch (Grande Room)

2.00 – 5.10 Papers Session (Pacifica Ballroom A)

2.00. Randy Gallistel, Rutgers University

Is Matching Innate?

2.20 Herbert S. Terrace, Columbia University

Becoming Human: Why Two Minds are Better than One

2.40 Shepard Siegel, McMaster University

Anticipating Hypothermia: Learning and Adaptation to Repeated Cold Water


3.00 Sam Glucksberg & Catrinel Haught, Princeton University

Understanding Novel Metaphors: When Comparison Fails.

3.20 – 3.50 Coffee Break


3.50 Thomas J. Carew, University of California, Irvine

The Molecular Architecture of Memory: Insights from a Simple Model System

4.10 Carolyn Rovee-Collier, Rutgers University

Representation-Mediated Deferred Imitation by 6-month-olds

4.30 Robert Goldstone, Indiana University

Experiments and Models of Collective Innovation Propagation

4.50 George Sperling, University of California, Irvine

A Model for Binocular Combination

5.10. Stuart Anstis, University of California, San Diego

Induced Movement: The Flying Bluebottle Illusion

6.00 – 8.00 Reception (La Jolla Ballroom A)

Dinner on one’s own


Saturday, March 25

7.00 – 9.00 Breakfast Buffet (Grande Room)

9.00 – 12.10 Papers Session (Pacifica Ballroom A)

9.00 Hal Pashler, University of California, San Diego

Spacing Effects: Gains and Losses over Significant Retention Intervals

9.20 John F. Kihlstrom, University of California, Berkeley

A New Reversible Figure and an Old One.

9.40 Norma Graham & Sabina Wolfson, Columbia University

Exploring Contrast Adaptation (with Help from Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

10.00 Earl B. Hunt, University of Washington

Information Clustering: A Way of Studying Consistency of Thought

10.20 – 10.50 Coffee Break

10.50 Dominic Massaro, University of California, Santa Cruz

From Research to Practice: Embodied Conversational Agents for Language


11.10 Michael Kubovy, University of Virginia

Second Choice and Gestalt

11.30 Michael T. Turvey, University of Connecticut

Claude Shannon's Universal Juggling Equation

11.50 Jerome R. Busemeyer, Indiana University

A Microprocess Model of the Weights Assigned to Consequences of Risky



12.10 – 12.20 Group Photo (in front of Grande Room)

12.20 – 2.00 Lunch (Grande Room)

2.00 – 4.50 Papers Session (Pacifica Ballroom A)

2.00 Karen De Valois, University of California, Berkeley

The Appearance of Moving Images

2.20 Angela Nelson and Richard Shiffrin, Indiana University

The Effects of Experience on Perception and Memory

2.40 Thomas S. Wallsten & Yoonhee Jang, University of Maryland

Predicting Binary Choice Probabilities from Probability Phrase Meanings

3.00 John Wixted, University of California, San Diego

Dual-Process Theory and Signal-Detection Theory of Recognition Memory

3.20-3.50 Coffee Break

3.50 Mark Steyvers, University of California, Irvine

Prediction and Change Detection

4.10 F. Gregory Ashby, University of California, Santa Barbara

The Neural Basis of Categorization Expertise

4.30 Barbara Anne Dosher, University of California, Irvine, & Zhong-Lin Lu,

University of Southern California

Mechanisms of Perceptual Learning

4.50 David E. Huber, University of California, San Diego

Retroactive Interference and Context Change in Episodic Free Recall


5.10 – 5.50 Business Meeting (Pacifica Ballroom A)

6.30 – 10.00 Conference Banquet (Grande Room)

Sunday, March 26

Tours around UCSD and Balboa Park

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