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SEP 1998 Laguna Beach, California


                Society of Experimental Psychologists
                         94th Annual Meeting
                           Laguna Beach, CA
                           March 27-29, 1998

FRIDAY Evening, March 27,  6:00p.  Fellows' reception in Catalina Room, Hotel Laguna


   SATURDAY, March 28:  9:00am - 12:30pm  Animals, Humans, Brains

Russell Church, Brown.  A comparison of timing and conditioning models

Randy Gallistel, UCLA. Is the Rat an Ideal Detector of Changes in Rate of Reinforcement?

Herbert Terrace, Columbia U. The Development of Serial and Numerical Expertise in Rhesus Monkeys

Richard Thompson, USC. Genetic Approaches to Classical Conditioning.


Keith J. Holyoak, UCLA.  A System for Relational Reasoning in Human Prefrontal Cortex

Mortimer Mishkin, NIMH.  Hierarchical Organization of Cognitive Memory

Gordon Logan, U. Illinois. Toward a Theory of Attention and Memory

Barbara Dosher, UC Irvine.  Memory Retrieval


   SATURDAY, March 28:  2:00pm - 5:30pm  Perception

Russell De Valois, UCB.  Spatio-Chromatic Receptive Fields of Striate Cortex Cells

Tom Cornsweet, ERAU. Why Do Stabilized Images Disappear?  Why Do Unstabilized Images Not Disappear?  

Michael Kubovy, U. Virginia.  The Lawfulness of the Classic Principles of Perceptual Grouping

George Sperling, UC Irvine.  Second-Order Perception

Lloyd Kaufman, NYU.  More Moon Madness. The Moon Illusion: It's Deja View All Over Again!

Irving Biederman, USC.  Subliminal Visual Priming

Rochel Gelman, UCLA. The Development of the Number-Size Stroop Effect

Alice Healy, U. Colorado, Boulder. Sentence Interference in the Stroop Task

Fellows' Brief Business Meeting


 6:00p Cocktails
 7:00p Banquet

   SUNDAY, March 29:  9:00am - 12:30pm  Theory, Measurement, and Quantification

Bill Uttal, Arizona State U. Behaviorism Is Rising Again!

Dominic Massaro, UC Santa Cruz. Baldi as Language Tutor

Bill Batchelder, UC Irvine.  Measuring Consensus Beliefs in Cultural and Social Groups: Hard Thoughts on Soft Problems

Peter Killeen, Arizona State U. Counter Error     


Tarow Indow, UC Irvine. Parallel Shift of Psychometric Curve in Cutaneous Intensity Discrimination and Color Discimination

Karen De Valois, UCB.  Hue-Selective Encoding of Effective Intensity Variations

Jim Townsend, Indiana U. Measuring Configurality With Integrated Hazard Functions

Jean-Claude Falmagne, UC Irvine. Consistency of Monomial and Difference Models for Psychophysical Representation



 Lyle Bourne, U. Colorado
 Robert Boynton, UCSD
 Byron Campbell, Princeton
 Ed Carterette, UCLA
 William Estes, Harvard
 John Gibbon, Columbia
 Howard Kendler, UCSB
 Tracy Kendler, UCSB
 Duncan Luce, UCI
 Jim McGaugh, UCI
 Ben Murdock, U. Toronto
 Shepard Siegel, McMaster U.


 Moshe Bar, USC
 R. Dirk Beer, UCSD
 Nadejda Bocheva, UCI
 Richard Brown, UCSD
 Dawer Dong, Cal Tech
 Ernest Greene, USC
 Ching Liz Ho, Cal Tech
 Stephane Irehen, Cal Tech
 Laurent Itti, Cal Tech
 Pam Jones, UCI
 Barbara Knowlton, UCLA
 Lu Lesmes, USC
 Anya Leonoug, UCSD
 Christine Lin, USC
 Zhong-Lin Lu, USC
 Mike Mangini USC
 Jason Miller, UCI
 Bonnie Olsen, UCI
 Scott Richman, UCI
 A. Kimball Romney, UCI
 Bhavin Sheth, Cal Tech
 Carol Yin, Cal Tech


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